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We would recommend Crystal in a heartbeat to someone looking to buy/sell, especially first timers like us. She didn't make us feel pressured and helped us to see the good/bad in each home we toured. She was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain each step.

~ Hannah K.

Kansas City, Mo Dream Home Program



Did you know it’s a great time to buy a home? Well it is.  :)  (In case you haven’t heard that from anyone and everyone you talk to) Everywhere you turn you can see the reasons why. Low home values, low interest rates…
Well, here’s another great reason to consider looking for a home. The city of Kansas City, Missouri is offering first time home buyers (or equivalent) a forgivable loan of 20% of the purchase price (up to $20,000) of your home within the Kansas City Missouri city limits.

I think this is a great opportunity for many buyers to get into a home Yes, the process does take a little more time and yes, it is a little more paperwork – but come on! It’s $20,000!

One of the biggest complaints I hear from first time home buyers is that they don’t want to live all the way outside of town (like Gardner, De Soto, Independence, or Leavenworth) but that’s where they can get the amount of home they need in a price range they can afford (see my blog post on USDA Home Loans if you want more information on living in ‘rural’ areas). Well, this is a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Because the loan amount is up to $20,000 less than what it would be without the Dream Home Program you can theoretically get a bigger, nicer home. Let’s put it another way, if you bought the same house using the Kansas City Dream Home Program (as you would without the program) you would save about $120 a month in home payments. That’s a lotta moola!

Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding the special type of loan online (go ahead, google it – you’ll find about half of a page of info) and even fewer loan officers that know what they are doing regarding this type of loan. However, The Heritage Home Team has worked with these types of loans and knows how to ‘get ‘em done’. You definitely need someone on your side pushing to get your loan closed (remember, you’re working with 2 levels of businesses).
Let chat specifics:

  • The home you want to buy must have a sales price less than $150,000 and be in the city limits of Kansas City, MO
  • There are income restrictions of:
    • 1 person – $41,100
    • 2 people – $46,950
    • 3 people – $52,800
    • 4 people – $58,650
    • 5 people – $63,350
    • 6 people – $68,050
    • 7 people – $72,750
    • 8 people – $77,450

Are you interested in knowing more about this loan program? Contact The Heritage Home Team and we’ll help to determine if this type of loan works best for you and provide you loan officer referrals to help get you through the home buying process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

(Income restrictions are accurate for the 2012 year)

6 Responses to “Kansas City, Mo Dream Home Program”

  • Kim Fitzmaurice:

    I am looking for more information on this program. Who can I contact?

  • Crystal:

    Hi Kim,

    Please feel free to contact me directly! My phone number is 913-908-9801 and my email is I am VERY familiar with the ins and outs of the program and works with the city many times a year :)

  • Nathaniel Gordon:

    The income restriction..Is it the max amount you can make or is it the min amount you need to make to be eligible?? I just heard about this on Channel 5 news.. and would be very interested. They were talking about first time home buyers and you are talking about first time home buyers.. but the KC website says that they are currently NOT accepting first time home buyers applications.. which one is it??

    • Crystal:

      Hi Nathaniel, I just sent you an email with more information. You are correct, currently there are no funds available but the program is funded annually and a little birdie told me funds should be available in the next few weeks. Remember, only certain lenders are approved by the city to lend KC Dream Home Funds. If you need references please let me know!

  • channing mcbeth:

    Do you know what your credit score needs to be. Also can you send me more information.

  • Aaron Alvarez:

    I was wondering if you have some info about what houses qualify for this program.

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